Nov 11, 2011

Revisiting Good Blogs: IDEUM update

Jim Spadaccini is the director of Ideum and is responsible for the Ideum blog, which is well worth reading if you are interested in creative use of multi-touch, gesture, and interactive multimedia applications.  Jim also serves as the principal investigator of the Open Exhibits project, a non-profit open source, multi-touch, multiuser software initiative, which includes a free software development kit (SDK) for museums, students, nonprofits, and educational use.

Here are a few links to posts from the Ideum blog:
Building a High-Resolution Multi-touch Wall: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3,  Part 4 and Part 5.
Ideum Blog
Events at the The Tech and the Maxwell Museum
Open Exhibits, Year Two

The Open Exhibits Research and Design blog is worth reading, as it often includes Jim Spadaccini's words of wisdom and some interesting video clips.

More about IDEUM
Ideum will be involved in an upcoming day-long conference at the Tech Museum on Tuesday, November 15th (2011), Building Interfaces for the New Decade  Conference San Jose, California, 11/15/11

Ideum is working on interconnectivity between devices, as shown below, where people are connecting their iPhones to a multi-touch table:
Heist at the British Museum

Here is a video about Ideum's Tiny Drifters exhibit,  7 foot multi-touch wall at the Monterey Bay Aquarium:

Here is a promotional video about Ideum's rugged MT-55 multi-touch table. It holds up to the interaction of thousands of museum visitors.  

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LCD Touchscreen said...

Ideum has announced significant upgrades and improvements to its MT55 series of 55" multitouch tables. The powerful MT55 Pro and the sleek MT55 Platform both have improved processors, increased storage capacity, refinements to the hardened case, and additional connectivity ports.