Nov 2, 2009

Eric Sailers' "Bling Your Blog" Presentation: How to spice up a blog with Web 2.0 widgets and interactive things

Eric Sailers is a speech-language pathologist and assistive technology specialist in the La Mesa-Spring Valley School District in San Diago, CA. He's ahead of the pack when it comes to embracing emerging collaborative and interactive technologies in education. Eric recently shared his presentation, "Bling Your Blog" on SlideShare. The presentation is an overview of how to incorporate Web 2.0 technology into blogging.
Below are links to a few things discussed in the presentation:

Glogster: "Poster Yourself"
Interactive Calendar Poster by a Glogster

Voicethread (Collaborative digital storytelling.  The Ed. VoiceThread is a secure K-12 network.)

Web 2.0 Guru (Web 2.0 Resources for 21st Century Instruction)

100 Awesome, Free Web Tools for Elementary Teachers

Eric Sailers' Blog

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