Nov 27, 2009

Johannes Schoening & Friends Research: Videos of Multi-User Interaction on Multi-touch Walls and Tables

In this post, I'm featuring videos of the interactive work of Johannes Schoening, a member of the NUI-Group, and his collaborators. Johhannes works at the Innovative Retail Laboratory of the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence ( DFKI ) in SaarbrückenProf. Dr. Antonio Krüger is director of this lab.   He also works with Michael Rohs at the Deutsche Telekom Laboratories in Berlin. 

Johannes received a Diploma in Geoinformatik at the University of Münster at the Institute for Geoinformatics in 2007.  His research interests are new methods and interfaces to intuitive navigate through spatial information or in general new intelligent interfaces that help people to solve daily tasks more effectively.  His interests include mobile augmented reality applications, the use of Wikipedia as a knowledge database, and home grown multi-touch surfaces . (More information can be found on Johannes' website.)

Note:  The 2010 Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces conference will be held in Germany, and Johannes and others will be involved with running it. You can follow the news on Twitter:  The link to the conference website will be up soon, at .

The descriptions below each video are from Johannes' YouTube Research Channel.

Multi-touch Risk

"A multi-touch and multi-user version of the classical Risk game. As a platform Nasa World Wind (WWJ) and the Java implementation of Risk "Domination" by were used. A authentication method (that was also integrated in the game) can be found in the last (next)  video. Thanks to Klaus Drerup & Wadim Hamm."  TEAM:  Klaus Drerup, Wadim Hamm, Florian Daiber, & Johannes Schoening.  Music by cycom: mathematics.

User Authentication on Large Multi-touch Wall with Mobile Device

"The exploitation of finger and hand tracking technology based on infrared light, such as FTIR, Diffused Illumina- tion (DI) or Diffused Surface Illumination (DSI) has enabled the construction of large-scale, low-cost, interactive multi-touch surfaces. In this context, access and security problems arise if larger teams operate these surfaces with different access rights. The team members might have several levels of authority or specific roles, which determine what functions and objects they are allowed to access via the multi-touch surface. In this video we present first concepts and strategies to authenticate with a large-scale multi-touch wall using a mobile device."

GeoLens: Allowing Multi-User Interaction with Geographic Information Systems on Interactive Surfaces

"This video shows the GlobalData application in use on an Archimedes SessionDesk The application was used to illustrate our GeoLens concept. GeoLenses are GUI widgets that can be used like scalable as well as zoomable magnifying lenses to allow synchronous multi-user interaction in GIS systems."

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