Nov 6, 2009

HCI & Education: CHI 2010 Workshop On User Interface/Interaction Technologies and Educational Pedagogy

The 28th CHI 2010 (ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems) will be held from April 10-15 2010 in Atlanta, GA.  The Workshop on UI Technology & Educational Pedagogy will be one of several workshops held during the conference.

Info from the workshop's website:

Given the exponential growth of interactive whiteboards in classrooms around the world, there has been a need to explore how next generation HCI will impact education in the future. Educators are depending on the interaction communities to deliver technologies that will improve/adapt learning to an ever-changing world.
In addition to novel UI concepts, the HCI community needs to examine how these concepts can be matched to contemporary paradigms in Educational pedagogy. The classroom is a challenging environment for evaluation, thus new techniques need to be established to prove the value of new HCI interactions in the Educational space. This workshop provides a forum to discuss key HCI issues facing next generation education.
We invite authors to present position papers about potential design challenges and perspectives on how the community should handle the next generation of HCI in education. Topics of interest include:
  • Gestural input, multitouch, large displays
  • Mobile Devices, response systems (clickers)
  • Tangible, VR, AR & MR, Multimodal interfaces
  • Console gaming, 3D input devices
  • Co-located interaction, presentations
  • Educational Pedagogy, learner-centric
  • Empirical methods, case studies
  • Multi-display interaction
Submission:  The deadline for workshop paper submissions is January 6th, 2010. Interested researchers should submit a 4-page position paper in the ACM CHI Extended Abstract Format to the workshop management system. Acceptance notifications will be sent out March 15, 2010. The workshop will be held April 11, 2010 in Atlanta, USA. Please note that at least one author of an accepted position paper must register for the workshop and for one or more days of the CHI 2010 conference. 
Workshop Contact:  Edward Tse  edwardtse [at] SMART Technologies

Pervasive Computing Laboratory
The Open University,

Scientists Discovery Room
School of Engineering and
Applied Sciences
Harvard University
SMART Technologies


Learning Through Touch (pdf) -SMART Technologies

November 23-25, Banff, Canada

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