Nov 23, 2009

GestureTek & Sprint's Interactive Wall: 3D depth-sensing allows wall interaction with a cell phone.

I missed this one! The video and photos below are of the Sprint Center Interactive Wall, powered by GestureTek's 3D depth-sensing system.  The media art was created by Takashi Kawashima,a designer/media artist who lives in San Francisco.   He has an MFA in Design| Media Arts from UCLA.

The interactive display can be controlled by a cell phone.

YouTube description/plug:
"GestureTeks 3D depth sensing technology powers an attention-grabbing interactive digital signage system for telecom leader Sprint. The 3D depth sensing interactive display screen, with mobile phone connectivity, tracks peoples body movements, and responds by sending a Sprint promotional message that follows them the entire length of the interactive billboard. The interactive motion-detecting advertising message invites users to create their own personalized interactive wall art on Sprints gesture control screen, by calling Sprint on their mobile phone. GestureTeks 3D tracker is the heart of the system. Installation lead: Mission Electronics. Creative: Goodby Silverstein."

The Instant DJ application looks fun!  It allows you to mix the music tracks on the large display with your phone.

Phone Painter:  Sprint Center Interactive Wall

Instant DJ

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