Nov 12, 2009

Elastic Creative, Delphi Productions, GestureTek, & the Metronic HRS multi-touch table and wall

I came across this on the Elevating Interactivity blog:
Medtronic HRS Conference Tables & Walls -Elevating Interactivity, 11/10/09

Elastic Creative and Delphi Productions collaborated to create the Metronic HRS multi-touch table and wall application.  The hardware system was by GestureTek.

Medtronic is a medical technologies company that has been around for many years. Some of their projects include the Activa deep brain stimulation therapy used to treat Parkinson's disease and other conditions, pain management therapies, and more.

Wide View of the Multi-touch Wall


Here are the videos:

Medtronic HRS 2009 Multitouch Table from Elastic Creative on Vimeo.

The following is a video featuring Elastic Creative's work with Colardo Creative for Immersion, a company that creates systems and technology that integrates touch feedback into products, including medical simulators used in training physicians for minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Immersion Brand Video from Elastic Creative on Vimeo.

BBC Video about Immersion's medical simulation application:

Elevating Interactivity's 6 Levels of Interaction

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