Nov 14, 2009

Smart Multimedia Kitchen by SieMatic: Networked appliances, media, and the Internet right at your fingertips.

The SieMatic S1 Kitchen incorporates the internet-of-things in your home.  It's my dream kitchen!

SieMatic won the Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Client Innovation Award in the lifestyle category last March (2009) at CeBIT for the SieMatic S1.  The SieMatic S1 is internet and home-network ready, and can integrate television, the DVD player, Internet radio, PC's, laptops, iPods, audio systems, etc. In addition to WPF, the S1 system also incorporates Windows Embedded Systems.

The S1-Grid, an infotainment control/display unit, can display information and content from the Internet, including RSS feeds, weather reports, e-mail, and personal content, such as recipes and photos. If you are watching a television program or a movie from a DVD on the display, you can stop it to view information about the progress of your networked Miele@home series appliances. Networked appliances can also be controlled from this display.  You can interact with everything via a touch screen or an Air Mouse.



Screenshot of control display demo - you can interact with this demo online.

For detailed information about how this system works, take a look at the information on the Siematic website:
Precisely S1: What does the kitchen of the future look like? ( the ambient multimedia overview of the S1 concept, set to relaxing music.)
Inside S1: What do kitchens mean today? (includes a philosophical video about food, kitchens, and the meaning of life.)
SieMatic S1 Grid ( the technical stuff)
S1 Interactive Demo
SieMatic S1 meets Miele@home

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