Nov 17, 2009

Stantum's Multi-touch Slate PC, Windows 7 Certified

Slate PC

The Stantum Slate PC is based on the Dell Inspiron Mini netbook platform. The 10.1 Slate accepts handwriting, gestures, and text-based input. Is in the "proof-of-concept stage.

Slate PC Proof of Concept (pdf) Includes specifications. Stantum also offers Multi-Touch Development Kits (MDK's) that include a controller board featuring PMatrix, a controller chip. and a touch panel.

How PMatrix Works (from the Stantum website):
How it works


Stantum's unlimited multitouch meets Mini 10 in a fight to the death
(Josephe L. Flatley, Engadget, 11/17/09)

Jazz Mutant is the Music & Media product division of Stantum.  I offers multi-touch control surfaces for audio and media - Dexter and Lemur.

More information about Stantum and other multi-touch focused companies to come!

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