Nov 24, 2009

Morning Tech News: Razorfone: Windows 7 & WPF Retail Demo on a Multi-touch Screen, via I Started Something

Razorfone Interactive Retail Experience from Razorfish - Emerging Experiences on Vimeo.

This demo was created by the Emerging Experiences team at Razorfish. Here's the video description from Vimeo:

"Customers are being faced with increasingly complex buying decisions, especially when it comes to technology and services. As a result, increased pressure is being placed on store associates to provide knowledgeable service to customers. Our Emerging Experiences team used this opportunity to develop a solution to demonstrate how an immersive interactive experience can assist customers and store associates with complex buying decisions in a retail setting."

Comment:   We've graduated from 2D multi-touch manipulation of photos via pan-zoom-rotate-resize-drag to 3D multi-touch manipulation of "objects".

So?  I'm expecting much more.

There is much room for creative growth in this area! 

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