Nov 3, 2009

A little off-topic: Video parody of the Facebook friending ritual, only in real life - (and more serious thoughts about social software apps)

Facebook in Real Life is a short parody of the Facebook "friending" ritual by theBritish comedy sketch group, Idiots of Ants

I came across this video featured in a blog post on the Core77 website, "Software: The Other "Design for Social Impact", by Gentry Underwood, after following a link from Experientia's Putting People First blog. 

Gentry Underwood works at IDEO, and he's spent some time thinking deeply about social software design and everything that surrounds it.  His article is long, but in my opinion, very important to read, even if you are not a designer or developer.  

After you finish the article, you might be interested in visiting Underwoods' new Designing Social Software website.

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Gentry Underwood said...

Thanks for the post, Lynn!