Oct 22, 2008

A new kind of SmartBoard: Multi-User Multi-Touch SMART Table for Education

I heard a rumor a few months ago that this was coming...and it was true!

The SMART Table "Touch, Learn, Together"

"The SMART Table interactive learning center lets students get hands-on with collaborative activities – and the more hands the merrier. The SMART Table is a versatile learning center where groups of students can create, explore and discover together on the durable screen. The interface is so intuitive that even the youngest child can play games and plunge into learning activities in no time. You can choose from a wide variety of ready-to-go lesson activities, or customize them to suit your own lessons."


If you are interested in developing for the SMART Table, visit the SMART Table Developer site.

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DeanHendoICT said...

Great post. I love the SMART board and I like where they are going with their new line of products. One thing I am looking for though is software that runs on all IWBs. Supposedly their rival Promethean has something similar in the works.

Lynn Marentette said...


Thanks! I heard a rumor that Firefox is coming out with a multi-touch enabled browser. That would be a useful development!