Aug 13, 2009

For Your 3D Web Browsing Pleasure: Video demos of Google's O3D, and links to the real thing.

I went to the Google 03D website and played with the Google Trends Visualizer on my TouchSmart. The interaction with my hand as I rotated the globe was very smooth- I'll upload a video clip of the interaction soon.

I found the following videos on the Google O3D website. The videos provide a glimpse of the potential of 03D.

Google's O3D Beach Demo

Infinite Journey Game Demo, rendered in a browser using O3D

Disney/ABC's Visual Search Interface at Google I/O, rendered in a browser using 03D

Google O3D Developer Site

The following two links require the 03D Plug-in:

Google Trends Visualizer

Beach Scene Demo


Unity 3D Tropical Paradise

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