Aug 23, 2009

Bump Top 3D Desktop on a Touch Screen: Toss Your Photos to your Facebook Icon!

BumpTop is a 3D computer desktop organizer that provides much more flexibility- and perhaps efficiency, than the current folder-icon based desktop we interact with every day.

Touch Screen Version - Supports the use of 1 or 2 fingers - Multi-touch version for Windows 7 coming soon:

Original Version

If you want to see how different people use BumpTop, there are quite a few BumpTop videos on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

The next release will support multi-touch, running on Windows 7. According to the BumpTop blog, the application will be bundled with 3D graphics cards. The full version is just under $30.00.



Patrick Dubroy's Personal Blog
FYI: Patrick works for BumpTop. He has a master's degree in human-computer interaction, and focuses on HCI, programming, and interaction on his blog.

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