Aug 12, 2009

Ruder Finn Interactive's Mr. Picasso-head: Fun on-line drag & drop art activity, great for a touch-screen or interactive whiteboard!

I was looking for a drag-and-drop activity for students to use on interactive whiteboards (and also on my HP TouchSmart PC), and thought Mr. Potato head would be a good choice. My daughter linked me to something even better: Mr. Picasso Head, an on-line activity created by Ruder Finn Interactive, a few years ago.

Here is my creation:

Visit the Mr. Picasso Head gallery, where you can view 939209+ creations!

Somewhat Related
The One Million Masterpiece (On-line Collaborative Art Project)

"We are asking you to draw a small square image using software on our website. You don't need to be an artist or be able to draw - you can make patterns, write words, doodle - what-ever you want. Your image will be one of one million images that will make up the entire picture - The One Million Masterpiece.

You can choose to make your picture fit in with the surrounding pieces, or make it stand out, by using a preview feature that shows your image with the context of your neighbours. You can change your image at any time if you don't feel happy with it, and you can exchange messages with your fellow artists using our community pages

If you join the One Million Masterpiece, you can a link to display a mini gallery of your favorite pictures that can be replayed on your Facebook profile.

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