Aug 1, 2009

PookyTouch & PookyTooth: Multi-Touch & BlueTooth plug-ins for Mozilla Firefox!

PookyTouch- Enabling Multi-Touch in Mozilla Firefox- A good demonstration of what the Pooky Firefox plugins can do.
(Thanks, Maarten for the info- the people in the video are speaking in Dutch, not German, as I'd previously guessed.)

Here is the information from duskmage's YouTube channel:

"PookyTouch enables the use of Multi-Touch events in HTML (or XUL) pages in Mozilla Firefox. PookyTooth enables the use of bluetooth in webpages. For more information, downloads and some hands-on Multi-Touch experience, please view our website at

Thanks to Seth Sandler (AudioTouch) for the link.

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Maarten said...

Hi Lynn,

It's a common mistake. The people in the video are speaking Dutch not German. Well actually the people are from Belgian so there are speaking Vlaams, a Belgian dialect of Dutch.