Aug 8, 2009

More about Project Natal: Richochet - Great Gaming for Fitness, Johnnie Chung Lee's Contribution

(Credit: CNET News)
Ina Fried, in a recent CNET Beyond Binary post, recently reviewed her experience playing Ricochet, a 3D game developed by Microsoft for Natal, the company's new gesture-recognition, controller-less Xbox gaming system. Above is a screenshot from Fried's article, Exclusive: Getting up close and personal with Natal:

Here is the video:

Ina Fried had a chance to spend some time in Redmond, Washington to explore the games in development at Microsoft, and hang out with the people responsible for Project Natal.

In her Beyond Binary article, Fried notes that the Ricochet game provides quite a workout, and this has had a positive effect on the Natal team:

"Since I started working on this project, I've lost almost like 10 pounds," said Kudo Tsunoda, general manager of Microsoft Game Studios and the creative director for Project Natal. "We're going to have the most in-shape development team you've ever seen."

Fans of Johnny Chung Lee will be happy to know that his work at Microsoft contributed to this game in someway, if they don't know this by now!

Who is Johnny Chung Lee? Read my post, "I wish I could be Johnny Chung Lee for a Day!".


Speaking of Natal, it should be out next year (Ina Fried, CNET)

Gates: Natal to bring gesture recognition to Windows too

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