Aug 1, 2009

Telepresence @ InfoComm 2009: Howard Lichtman's review

Howard Lichtman, of the Human Productivity Lab, wrote an interesting post reviewing various Telepresence companies featured at InfoComm 2009:

Telepresence at InfoComm 2009: A Review

According to Lichtman, "telepresence is the science and art of creating visual collaboration environments, networks, and strategies that duplicate in-person meeting experiences as completely as possible in both internal and external business communications. Effectively leveraging telepresence as an organizational and collaborative strategy can improve productivity and effectiveness by enhancing business communication, collaboration, and reducing physical travel."

(I'm a bit short on time today, so for more information regarding telepresence, take a look at the various links I've posted on this page.)

Here are a few items from Lichtman's post:

Musion Announces First Live Transatlantic Interactive 3D Hologram Public Broadcast

DVE Huddle Room with REALroom 3D (TM) option (augmented Reality/holographic appearance) -from

Howard Lichtman's YouTube Channel

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Benjamin Wright said...

Telepresence and other digital collaboration technologies can create oceans of records, which could be relevant for lawsuits, investigations and internal control. As the technologies grow more popular, enterprises must evaluate how to address these massive records under retention policies. Yet that issue is by no means a deterrent to the adoption of telepresence. In fact, good records are valuable! --Ben