Aug 6, 2009

Touch Screen and Interactive Displays Biz News, Part II - LocaModa

From LocaModa:

The above picture shows Viacom's MTV screen located in NYC's Times Square, linked to the web. User-generated text messages and photos can be submitted by mobile phone or the web, and displayed for 5 minutes an hour. Email notifications are sent to the senders when messages and/or photos have been approved and are on the giant screen.

Take a look at the website, and view the screen in real time.

"Wiffiti publishes real time messages to screens in thousands of locations from jumbotrons to jukeboxes, bars to bowling alleys and cafes to colleges.You can interact with Wiffiti from your mobile phone or the web."

"Wiffiti 4 by LocaModa has been used at thousands of large-scale events (concerts, gallery openings, corporate conferences, nonprofit fundraisers, several major inauguration events, South by Southwest, and political conventions -including both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions). It is also used extensively in digital signage networks ranging from huge jumbotrons in Times Square to thousands of screens in bars, cafes, schools, entertainment centers and even churches! We've used our deep understanding of user experience in digital out-of-home, web, and mobile to distill your feedback and requests for new features into this latest release."


"The game is displayed several times per hour on Clear Channel’s Spectacolor screen in New York’s Times Square, located at 48th Street and Broadway. When Jumbli is live in Times Square, all other connected screens (including those on iPhones and in Facebook) indicate that the game is live in Times Square, and all plays made during that period are displayed in real-time on the Spectacolor Jumbotron, giving players one of the world’s most prominent screens for their plays."

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