Jun 24, 2010

SIGGRAPH and INTEL's Visual Adrenaline: Look what I found in my email today about 3D lighting, UV's, and dynamic volumetric cloud rendering for games!

I thought I'd share a few links sent to me via Intel's Software Dispatch for Visual Adrenaline about the upcoming ACM SIGGRAPH 2010 conference. The links are to well-written "how-to" articles in pdf format.

"To keep your adrenaline pumping while waiting for SIGGRAPH to start, here's a few juicy bits of inspiration:

"Simulating Real-world Film Lighting Techniques in 3D. Light, shadows, and rendering play together to create realism in your 3D models. Learn to bring these art techniques into your 3D scenes to create compelling cinematic views."
"Creating UVs for Characters in Autodesk Maya*. Regardless of whether you're using a model in a real-time environment or as part of a rendered sequence, here are some tips and tricks to making UV mapping work efficiently."
"Dynamic Volumetric Cloud Rendering for Games on Multi-Core Platforms. Learn how the LuckyCloud demo implemented a solution for real-time dynamic simulation and illumination of clouds that didn't impact performance during game play."
By the way, the conference will be held from July 25-29 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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