Jun 24, 2010

CCC/CRA Roadmapping for Interactive Technology: Series of 3 Game Changing Workshops

The following information is from the CCC/CRA Roadmapping for Interactive Technologies website, describing an upcoming series of three three-day workshops that I think have the potential for changing the way interactive technology is designed and implemented in the future:

"The modern computing experience is shaped by the ways in which people interact with their computers. Underlying that interaction are the technologies of input, sensing, interactive techniques and interactive architecture. This is a series of workshops that will create a research agenda for revolutionizing these foundational technologies."


Interactive System Architecture - August 11-13, 2010 - Jackson, WY http://icie.cs.byu.edu/CCCWorkshops/InteractiveArchitecture.html

Dan Olsen - Brigham Young University  

The last few decades have produced many new interactive technologies and many interactive techniques. Few of them are making their way into actual use because they are so hard to integrate. This workshop will create an agenda for new architectures for building interactive systems that integrate basic interaction in powerful new ways and provide new opportunities and foundations on which to build usable systems.

Persuasive Experiences - September 23-25, 2010 - Burbank, CA   http://icie.cs.byu.edu/CCCWorkshops/Persuasive.html

Joe Marks - Disney Research

A culture is defined by its shared stories and the messages that people communicate with each other. Computing has created new ways for stories to be told in entertainment and education. This workshop will outline how we can bring digital storytelling from the realm of multimillion dollar productions down to the practical needs of everyday social, educational and political discourse.

Ultra-large-scale Interaction - October 25-27, 2010 - Chicago, IL http://icie.cs.byu.edu/CCCWorkshops/Ultra-large-scale.html

Mark Ackerman - University of Michigan

A byproduct of the Internet's success is that large numbers of people can interact with each other and with large stores of loosely interconnected data. This workshop will create an agenda for interactions that involve thousands of participants.
NOTE:  Organizers for the Interactive System Architecture Workshop include Dan Olsen, from Brigham Young University, Andy Wilson, from Microsoft Research, and Celine Latulipe, from the University of North Carolina-Charlotte.  (Dr. Latulipe was my HCI professor.)  Joe Marks is a VP at Disney Research.  The organizers for the Ultra-large Scale Interaction Workshop include Mark Ackerman and Mark Newman, from the University of Michigan, Keith Edwards, from Georgia Tech, and Scott Klemmer, from Stanford.

I'd really like to attend all three workshops.  I will try to learn all I can about these workshops and share what I find during periodic blog posts over the next several months.

Links on the CCC/CRA Website
Workshop Attendence Information


Interactive System Architecture Workshop

Aug 11-13, 2010
Submit: June 14

Persuasive Experiences Workshop

Sept 23-25, 2010
Submit: July 1

Ultra-large-scale Interaction Workshop

Oct 25-27, 2010
Submit: July 19


CCC Liason: Elizabeth Mynatt - Georgia Tech

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