Jun 24, 2010

Video: DYI Acrylic Multi-touch FTIR Pad - Low-cost and Stylish (Anne Roudaut, Patrick Baudisch, Christian Holz, and Torsten Becker, Hasso Plattner Institute)

I came across the following video and link when I visited Jonathan Brill's Multi-touch Maven blog.  The multi-touch project was developed as part of the Patric Baudisch's Human Computer Interaction Research class at the Hasso Plattner Institute.

Detailed directions, along with pictures, can be found on the Designer Multi-touch Pad website. From there, you can download the OpenCV source code, which requires Microsoft's Visual Studio, from the project's website, along with a copy of the how-to video,  a nice shopping list, and references.

-Hasso Plattner Institut
This is what graduate students and post-docs play with!

An easy way to build your own multi-touch surface
-Jonathan Brill

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