Jun 23, 2010

Earthquake in Canada: Did You Feel It? USGS Interactive Earthquake Website

Today there was an earthquake in Canada on the Ontario-Quebec border region.  It was felt around the region, including Michigan.  Curious, I took a look at the United States Geological Survey interactive website about earthquakes to learn more: Did You Feel It?  The Science Behind the Maps

Here's some info about the earthquake from the USGS website:

"This earthquake occurred near the southern edge of the Western Quebec Seismic Zone. Earthquakes within this zone are mostly small. They tend to cluster in a wide area that is slightly elongated northwest-southeast. Historically, earthquakes in the Western Quebec Seismic Zone have caused damage roughly once a decade. Three or four smaller events each year are felt in the region but are generally too small to cause damage. The largest earthquakes known in this part of Canada occurred in 1935 (M6.1), about 250 km (150 miles) to the northwest of todays event, and in 1732 (M6.2), about 150 km (100 miles) to the east. The 1732 earthquake caused significant damage in Montreal" -USGS

Here are a few videos uploaded to the web regarding the earthquake, which provide the human side of the story:

EARTHQUAKE IN QUEBEC: "I think we DID have one"

For some reason, I like this one. The man is narrating a video clip about the BP spill, pretty boring, and at 1:15 or so, he notices that the ground is shaking. He tells someone in the background to go outside. I like the Canadian accents.

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