Jun 4, 2010

Interactive 360-degree video demo-reel from Yellowbird

A while ago I posted about the Yellowbird 6-lens 360 degree video camera, and promised I'd share some a Yellowbird video when I had a chance. As you watch the video, you can click and drag anywhere in the scene to get another view.


Yellowbird Interactive 3D Showcase

About Yellowbird
Yellowbird Newsletter
Yellowbird created a 360-degree interactive video tour for the Dutch Batavia Stad website, a fashion and style company. Some of the navigation is in "3-D", and at various points, the viewer can click on an icon to view a regular video-clip to obtain additional information.
Batavia Stad 360 Tour
Choose and Move Your Own POV (Point of View): Interactive 360-degree video of on-line performances from the MTV-U Woodie Awards

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Anonymous said...

Amazing technology! =) can't wait for the live demo