Jun 16, 2010

Quick Post: iPad and Mobile Learning - mLearnCon June 15-17, San Diego

Sorry for the delay in posting this.  I've been more than busy lately!

Here is the plug for the mLearnCon conference, currently taking place, June 15-17 2010 in San Diego, CA:

"Join the mLearning vanguard as we explore the potentials (and pitfalls) for mobile learning!
mLearnCon is where every aspect of mobile learning including management strategies, platforms (SmartPhones, PDAs, iPods, Tablets, etc), operating systems (Android, BlackBerry, iPhone OS X, Palm, Symbian, Windows Mobile, etc.), authoring tools and technologies, content design & development, and best practices will be explored. Whether you are working in an academic, corporate, government, or military setting ... mLearnCon will give you the ideas, information, and community you and your organization need to succeed."

Link:  http://www.elearningguild.com/mLearnCon/content/1603/

Marc Rosenberg's article provides a good overview of the game-changing issues surrounding e-learning, m-learning, and recent technological advances such as the iPad:

Marc My Words:  Thinking About Mobile Learning in the Age of iPad

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