Jun 23, 2010

Updated: Coding for Multimedia Interaction On ( and Around) Screens of All Sizes - with some interesting links

The last time I created an application for a mobile device was about four years ago.  It was in the olden days when most of us knew nothing about multi-touch interaction on any size or sort of display.  Soon after that, I focused my work on large displays, and tried not to get too distracted by the iPhone when it was introduced.

I can't ignore the iPad, as I think it holds a ton of potential for education and supporting people with special needs.

I can't ignore Android, since I have an Incredible. (I'm tethered to a never-ending family contract with Verizon.)

I have to figure things out during my summer break, right?  Brushing up on my "old" coding skills won't move me forward. Soooooo.......

On top of everything else* I'm trying to pack in,  I plan to take a peek at Sencha Touch  http://www.sencha.com/products/touch/, an HTML 5 mobile application framework that allows for Apple iOS and Google Android touchscreen devices.

I am searching for the magic solution that will allow the development of applications that allow for smooth interaction across screens of all sizes, from smartphones to huge displays.

Summer is a great time for dreaming and searching, but it is so short.  Time-saving advice from my readers would be greatly appreciated!  I'm also looking for good information about programming for stereoscopic 3D games for my series of posts about 3D innovations.

*What I'm trying to pack in:
Volunteering for the Society for Information Display, working on a SMARTTable app, exploring ideas for a multi-dimensional  interactive timeline, etc.

Parallel Timelines

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