Jun 13, 2010

3D TV on YouTube -- and the World Cup in 3D, too!

3D Update:  3D TV: Are we there yet?   (My post on the Innovative Interactivity (II) blog)

3D TV has been available on YouTube since mid-2009. For a brief overview, watch the following video from Epic Fu:


Grab your 3D glasses!

Peter Bradshaw's overview of YouTube in 3D: Go out there and make some 3d!

Nearly a year later, this short video clip has over 1,440,000 views. A sign of a meaningful trend?


UPDATE:  Links to information about the World Cup (Soccer) broadcasts in 3D:

-3dvision blog

sky 3d football hd
-Graphic from Box Office Football:  Sky 3D-Will you watch the world cup in 3D Vote

AT &T U-Verse TV Launches ESPN 3D Channel for 2010 FIFA World CUP(TM)

ESPN 3D officially launches with FIFA World Cup coverage:  Live from Bristol
(Ben Drawbaugh, 6/11/10)
 "As for the tech side of things, ESPN was taking in the 1080i50 side by side 3D signal and converting it to the US-friendly 1080i60 side by side, and since DLP sets expect the checkerboard 3D format, a RealD POD was used to make the link between the cable set-top-box and the TV. The glasses were supplied by XpanD, but not the same universal shutter glasses that we expect to be available at retail soon."

Engdget Interview:  Chuck Pagano talks ESPN 3D, mobile streaming
(Darren Murph, 6/12/10)
"Chuck stated that ESPN first started taking the whole 3D idea seriously around four years ago, and while the FIFA World Cup feed isn't being shot / directed by ESPN, it's hard to turn down 25 live events in 3D that the entire world will take interest in. He noted that while DirecTV, Comcast and AT&T are signed on at launch, deals are in the works with "all available options" in the US; outside of America, he confessed that the company "isn't looking at anything internationally right now."'

I'm Sold on 3D TVs...And I Kind of Hate Myself For It
(Mark Wilson, 1/11/10 Gizmodo)

"I wouldn't buy anything but a BIG 3D TV.

Without fail, the bigger the 3D, the better the illusion. Anything under 50 inches is basically a joke, unless it's your computer monitor or something. And I will say, even though Vizio's XVT Pro television wasn't my favorite experience (it's an LCD and thereby less smooth), the fact that it was 72-inches meant that a plane's wing almost hit me in the nose."

What's next on your 3D TV?  Get ready for 3D videogames!
(John Gaudiosi, Reuters/Christian Science Monitor 6/10/10)

-Newscom/Christian Science Monitor

PlayStation 3 to Soon Get Stereoscopic 3D Support in Firmware 3.3
(3D Vision Blog: A Normal User's Look Into the World of 3D Stereo Technologies)

Note:  I'll share more about 3D TV and related technologies in a post on the Innovative Interactivity blog this week.  There is a lot to learn!
 -XpanDX103 3D glasses universally compatible with 3DTVs, but not all wallets
(Richard Lawler, Engadget, 3/17/10)


Bill Thinksmartgames.com said...

Ok, but if these glasses cost an arm and a leg, how am I going to have a bunch of people over to watch a match?

I'm guessing I'm already dropping an exorbitant amount on the TV itself. Am I going to be asked to pony up hundreds of dollars so that more than two or three people can watch at the same time?

What if I've already got to wear prescription glasses?

Count me as a skeptic.

3D TV said...

3D TV makes everything more interactive and engaging, if you ask me.

3d tv said...

I should image football on a 3d tv will be pretty amazing. I personally would love to watch some horror on mine.