Jun 9, 2010

Beautiful Data: The Stories Behind Elegant Data Solutions (and a side trip of the color strata)

Beautiful Data: The Stories Behind Elegant Data Solutions

This is one of the books on my summer reading list.  I planned on buying this book last summer.  I got around to ordering it a few days ago, and today, it arrived in the mail.  

Nathan Yau,  the author of Flowing Data, was responsible for the first chapter, "Seeing Your Life in Data".   I'm a fan of the Flowing Data blog. Nathan shares quite a bit of interesting- and beautiful- information on his blog.  For example, his recent post, Strata of common and not so common colors, 

"The Color Strata includes the 200 most common color names (excluding black-white-grayish tones), organized by hue horizontally and relative usage vertically, stacked by overall popularity, shaded representatively, and labeled where possible. Besides filtering spam, ignoring cruft, normalizing grey to gray, and correcting the most egregious misspellings (here’s looking at you, fuchsia), the results are otherwise unadulterated."  - via Stephen, of Weather Sealed

After looking at all of the colors,  I followed Nathan's links and the links from his links (I love colorful rabbit holes!)... and found this graphic about the differences between girls and boys, from Doghouse Diaries, on the xkcd blog:

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