Dec 2, 2009

Brief Post and Links: Multimedia Semantics, Focus of the December issue of IEEE's Computing Now

I haven't read the latest issue of IEEE's Computing Now, but it looks like it has a few good articles that might be of interest:

Guest Editors' Introduction, IEEE Computing Now
Harald Kosch and Christian Timmerer, December 2009

"Effective multimedia management must span the metadata life cycle—from its creation through processing, storage, distribution, and deployment—and work whether the metadata is tightly connected with or independent of the media it describes.
Finally, we need better integration of situational context. This includes not only domain knowledge, but also legal and cultural issues, metadata and semantic quality, compression and encryption techniques."
Michela Spagnuolo and Bianca Falcidieno, National Research Council of Italy

Managing and Querying Distributed Multimedia Metadata Collections pdf
Sebastien Laborie, Ana-Maria Manzat, and Florence Sedes

Using Social Networking and Collections to Enable Video Semantics Acquisition pdf

Stephen J. Davis, Christian H. Ritz, Ian S. Burnett


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