Dec 1, 2009

Virtual Carol Singing Experiment on Britain's ITV, via Tracy Swedlow

ITV's "This Morning" Teams with YouTube on "Virtual Choir" Promotion -Tracy Swedlow

ITV, the U.K. Independent Television Network, is inviting viewers to participate in a virtual Christmas choir. If you want to participate download the headphone track, and sing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas". When you are ready, get out turn on your videocam, keep your headphones in, and sing along to the track. When you have finished, you'll upload the video to YouTube.

If you can follow the headphone track and sing the carol in tune, you might just have a chance to be seen as part of a montage of videos, either singing the carol in all at once with your virtual choir-mates, or as part of one carol sung by many people, one at a time.

How to participate:

ITV This Morning website

ITV This Morning YouTube Channel

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