Dec 19, 2009

UPDATED: More News, Videos, and Links about Multi-touch and Screen Technologies

More news about multi-touch and screen technologies!

"Holographic" Multitouch   (Eatang Digital Technology)

Holographic muitltouch from eggwong on Vimeo
Eggwong's company is Eatang Digital Technology.  Although most of the website is in Chinese, it looks like it provides interactive design services as well as software kits.

How to Build a 20" Multiitouch Screen in Three Weeks (Ben Unsworth - Globalcore)

How to Build a 20' Multitouch Screen in 3 Weeks from Ben Unsworth on Vimeo.

Globacore used four 72" Blue Ocean Low Gain Screens 16:9 to create their twenty-foot multi-touch wall, which I think was also used for the "holographic" screen in the first video. The tracker and base flash API from the NUI-group were used in this system.
I wasn't sure if I'd heard about Blue Ocean screens.  Much to my surprise, the company behind Blue Ocean is Nippura, located in Japan.  Nippura has another office in Charlotte, N.C.
For years,  Nippura's core business has been focused on creating "the world's largest acrylic panels, tunnels, cylinders and spheres for the professional aquarium industry", but is also focused on screen systems as well.

US Nippura/Blue Ocean Projection Screens
Blue Ocean screens were use in the second videos of this post.  Below is some information the screens from the company's website:
"Blue Ocean® Projection Screens are the first ever to cast the screen into a hi-tolerance viewing plane centered between two ultra-clear panels of cell-cast acrylic, the same type of material used in hi-optic fighter jet canopies and the world’s largest aquariums. Blue Ocean® Projection Screens also offer something never before found in screens: self-rigidity.  The thickness of each screen can be fabricated so that it maintains its form without external frames or tension systems. Frameless high definition projected images without borders amplify the infinite depth viewing experience.  Because of its durability, outdoor applications of entertainment around the garden and pool are also possible. Normal wear and tear scratching has no long-term effect on the screens’ performance, and a ten year old screen, simply re-polished, will literally look and perform exactly as it did the day it left the factory."
Super High Definition Stereo Image using 4K Projection Systems (pdf)
Tetsuro Ogi, Hiroaki Daigo, So Sato, Yoshisuke Tateyama, Yasuaki Nishida, International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence 2008


NUITEQ offers single and duo-touch plugins for Snowflake Suite that enables the software to run on NEXIO and NextWindow screens, including NextWindow's screens that are integrated in the HP TouchSmart and Dell Inspiron all-in-one PC's and others.  SnowFlake Suite is also compatable with 3M Touch Systems, N-Trig, and Lumino.  You can view the SnowFlake Suite application in action on NUITEQ's YouTube channel.
"NUITEQ's software product Snowflake Suite, which received a Stevie Awards finalist recognition for Best New Product or Service of the Year 2009 - Media & Entertainment, is available to end clients, software developers, system integrators, VAR's and OEM's. Snowflake operates on a wide variety of hardware technology platforms including rear camera based solutions, IR overlay systems, bending wave, surface acoustic wave (SAW), projected and surface capacitive, resistive and other touch technologies for small hand held mobile devices and larger scale interactive displays."
Recent news: NUITEQ Assists LTU Skelleftea at SACO event with new educational multi-touch desk

Software platform for multi-touch solutions:
Video:  FingerTapps on the Dell Inspiron 19
Dell Studio One 19:  All-in-One Stunner Takes Japan
FingerTapps collaborated with DigitalDM Digital Publishing to support interactive media panels (IMAS) for use in retail settings, as well as digital print publishing.  

NextWindow and All-In-One PC's:
NextWindow, the company that made the large single-touch display I used for a couple of class projects nearly three years ago, has really grown over the past few years.  NextWindow provides optical touch screens for the HP TouchSmart PC, and also for the Dell Inspiron Studio One All-In-One PC, and the Dell Sx2210T desktop monitor.   The next Dell with a NextWindow touch screen will be the Inspirion One 19, an all-in-one PC.   You can find NextWindow touch screens in the Medion X9613, the NEC ValueStar W, and the Sony L Series.  (NextWindow has Windows 7 certification for touch screens)

Stantum has partnered with Gunze USA, a manufacturer of resistive touch-panels, to co-design and deliver multi-touch products.  "Gunze USA will provide these custom multi-touch modules to the North American market for use in industrial, automotive, defense, aerospace, medical, kiosk/point-of-sales, and other professional applications. Unlike capacitive multi-touch, Stantum’s technology is particularly well suited to these professional markets, thanks to its:
  • immunity to EMI issues, via easy coexistence with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth antennas around the screen;
  • stylus input and high precision, enabling handwriting recognition; and
  • ability to work flawlessly with gloves."
According to the press release, Stantum's multi-touch technologies provide advantages such as handling 10 or more touches at a time, finger and stylus input, finger-pressure consumption, and native Windows 7 support, with no need for a driver. Developers can order the "beta" version of the Slate PC, based on the Dell Inspiron Mini netbook platform, from the Stantum website. 

The video below is of an interactive 3D application created for the Gondwana Das Praehistorium in Schiffweler, Germany, and provides an simulation of what it might be like to be a flying ancient pterosaur of giant dragonfly.  Two gamers can play at the same time.  If you want to fly, you flap your arms, and navigate by leaning. You crouch to dive, and increase your speed by flapping your arms even faster:
GestureTek's 3D Interactive Flying and Virtual Game Experience for Gonwana Museum

This company always has something going on that looks fun and interactive.  To get an idea this company's interactive work, take a look at the information on the GestureTek website links below. GestureTek has a variety product videos on the website.

GestureTek Health
GestureTek Mobile Gaming
GestureTek mobile gaming videos
GestureTek Product Summary
GestureTek in Science Centers, Aquariums, Zoos, and Visitor Centers


View more documents from LM3LABS.

Lm3labs Air Strike Overview (Slideshare)

Snibbe Interactive was founded by Scott Snibbe to develop social immersive media as a communication medium that incorporates the language of cinema and engages participation and interaction with others (and technology) through unencumbered body movements.  
Snibbe Interactive (22 of 66) by armadillu.

Get in the Action Prototype

Get in the Action Prototype - Snibbe Interactive from Oriol Ferrer Mesià on Vimeo.

Scott Snibbe's Social Immersive Media presentation at Stanford's Seminar on People, Computers and Design, 5/2009

'Scott Snibbe of Sona Research discusses a distinct form of augmented reality focused on social interaction: social immersive media. He discusses design principles and interaction techniques to create strong emotional responses and social engagement through visceral interaction. He also describes approaches to clearly communicate cultural and scientific ideas through the medium, and how to promote specific distinct social behavior in uses." -YouTube description

Globacore  "Globacore was founded by Ben Unsworth and Jeff Williams out of a passion for technology, art, and business. Globacore began as a web hosting and development company supporting the the technical needs of sports apparel startup VC Ultimate and it's associated companies."
"Globacore Inc. was officially incorporated in April 2003. In 2007 Ben and Jeff were joined by programmer Kyle Davis and graphic designer (and trail biker) Matt Venhuizen. In 2008, the Flexmaster Lukasz Ruminski joined us and continues to be a huge member of our team.Update: We'd like to welcome our newest team member: Developer Dave Rapin!"
Globacore Interactive Technologies
67 Mowat Ave. Suite 431
Toronto, ON
M6K 3E3
Phone: + 1 (416) 925-2082
Tollfree: + 1 (888) 309-7658
Fax: + 1 (647) 477-3270 
General Email:

Blue Ocean/ Nippura US Website
Blue Ocean Product Information (pdf)
3611 Tryclan Dr.
Charlotte, NC  28217
Phone: 704-561-9191

NextWindow's Touch Technologies Overview
Optical Touch and All-In-One PC's
News Release:  NextWindow Patents (pdf)

Contact: David Villarina, NextWindow
+1 (925) 272-4530

Natural User Interface Technologies AB(Headquarters)
Laboratorgränd 7
93162 Skellefteå

Phone: +46 702865975
Fax: +46 851989240

3M Touch Systems US
3M's Touch Topics information site
Natural User Interface Asia Pte Ltd (Asia office)
12 Little Road
#06-01 Lian Cheong Industrial Building
Singapore 536986
Phone: +65 6748 5245
Fax: +65 6748 7961

Contact: James Bell-Booth
+64 21 226 6399

Slate PC Proof of Concept Datasheet (pdf)
Contact: Francois Jeanneau
Sales and Business Development
Director, Stantum North America

Berkeley, CA, USA
Cell: +1 (510) 928 56 17

Product Overview
Contact:Gunze Electronics USA
2113 Wells Branch Parkway, #5400
Austin, Texas 78728
Tel: 512-990-3400 Fax: 512-252-1181

Antipolis Innovation Campus
300, route des Cretes
06560 Sophia-Antipolis France
Hong Kong, China
USA: +1(646)461.6146
TGarden Square 409
3-5-26 Funabori
134-0091 Tokyo, Japan

1073 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
+1 415 822 1442
Snibbe Interactive Blog
2010 Interactive Catalog (pdf)
Peau Productions
Diffusers and Projection Screens Comparison Site
(Provides photos and video of various screens and diffusers used for optical-based multi-touch systems.)

Wiki: Comparison of rear projection films
Forum Thread

Outdoor Media Company (China)
Contact: Kuo Lin  (?)
 42"46"Multi Touch LCD Display
42x46 Multi-touch LCD Display

HIWAD TOUCH - Beijing Yhjn Science and Technology Co. LTD

Interactive Sandbox 
"An interactive sand box or sand table for use in tactical training includes an automated control system and image generator so that infinitely variable visual images may be projected onto the contoured surface of the sand for training and preparation for action in the military field and disaster control, industrial planning, environmental protection, and similar situation."

Interactive Holographic Touch Screen

Beijing Yihejianing Science and Technology Co., Ltd
Address: Room 621, Jinyuan Modern shopping Mall, NO.1 Yuanda Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China

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