Dec 22, 2009

Multi-touch Linux on a Stantum SlatePC & more

-Stephane Chatty, Benjamin Tissoires; Video by G. Tabart

Information from the YouTube video:
"This video, shot by ENAC's Interactive Computing Laboratory, demonstrates how one can use out-of-the-box Linux applications with multitouch displays, using the lab's kernel drivers and modified evdev driver. See for technical details. This work was done during project ShareIT, carried out with Thales Avionics, IntuiLab and Stantum, and sponsored by Aerospace Valley. The ShareIT project explores the use of multitouch interaction for future commercial aircraft cockpits."

The multi-touch software shown in the video was created by IntuiLab.  The Slate PC multi-touch hardware was built by Stantum.  Later in the video, the software is shown running on a MERL DiamondTouch

Project ShartIT, ENAC:

ENAC Interactive Computing Laboratory, University of Toulouse, France

Multitouch Interaction: Some Background (from ENAC)

List & Description of some multi-touch devices (from ENAC)

IntuiLab Showroom Pictures

Stantum: Notes from Guillame:
"Key to the expansion of multi-touch is finding the killer app."  

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