Dec 24, 2009

Google Nexus One SmartPhone News (what I missed while I was holiday shopping...)

If you don't know this by now:

Via Chris Ziegler, Engadget 12/23/09
"Exlusive: Nexus One full specs detailed, invite-only retail sales starting January 5th?"
 (Here you will find all of the specs.)

Via Ross Miller, Engadget:12/22/09
Google Nexus One stands with iPhone and Hero, interface gets a 5-minute walkthrough

Atreblatrebla's You Tube Video: Nexus One Google Phone HTC Android 2.1 Preview FR

Via Ross Miller, Engadget 12/22/09
Another Google Nexus One Sighting, this time a wee bit more clear

This article is a good read - it discusses business models in the tech industry, something that has puzzled me for a while.

Via Michael Gartenberg, Engadget 12/15/09
Entelligence:  A Google hone could be the death of Android
"Without a doubt, the big buzz since the weekend has been over the "Google Phone," an HTC-built device called the Nexus One handed out to Google employees last week in what Google describes as a "mobile lab." Confirmed to be running Android 2.1, the Nexus One has once again raised the idea of Google selling unlocked devices directly to consumers. (Google has been selling unlocked HTC Android phones for some time, but only to developers.)"   -

I thought about getting a "Droid", since my family is locked into Verizon.  That's why I never got an iPhone - but the Droid's sharp edges didn't feel very comfortable in my hand.  After reading Creative Applications.Net's "15 Best and Must Have iPhone Apps of 2009", I want Santa to bring a few sleigh-fulls of iPhones to Verizon.

At the bookstore yesterday, I was pleased to see that there were all kinds of books about developing iPhone apps and games in the computer section!

I think I know why.
Barnes & Noble and the iPhone friended each other!

According to Jennifer R. Bergen's ZDNET article about the Barnes & Noble iPhone app, "the coolest part of the app is that it allows you to use your camera to take a photo of a CD, book, or DVD cover, and then immediately receive product details, editorial reviews, and customer ratings, as well as find and reserve a copy."  

Bergen goes on to further discuss the eReader app, which "offers iPhone/iPod touch users, as well as BlackBerry smartphone, and PC and Mac users, the ability to have instant access to more than 750,000 eBook titles. If you want to pay an extra $9.99, you can get hundreds of new eBook releases and eBook bestsellers. The app also allows you to modify the type, size, and font and annotate and bookmark text."

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Nice features. Finally something to challenge the Iphone