Dec 13, 2009

Multi-touch and Tangible Computing & the Lumino Project

Professor Patrick Baudisch and his student researchers at the Haaso Plattner Institute in Germany have focused on Human-Interaction for a quite a while.  One look at the research project page of Dr. Baudisch says it all.  Over the past few years, the human-computer interaction (HCI) teams at Hasso Plattner have explored multi-touch and tangible computing, with very interesting results.  

Take a look at the following video from Design Boom's YouTube Channel, and follow the related links for more information!

Tangible Tabletop Computing with Lumino

(The Lumino project was developed using Microsoft Surface.)

Lumino Project Website

Lumino Team:
Professer Patrick BaudischTorsten Becker, Frederik Rudeck
Human Computer Interaction, Hasso Plattner Institute
"The Human Computer Interaction group headed by Prof. Dr. Patrick Baudisch is concerned with the design, implementation, and evaluation of interaction techniques, devices, and systems. More specifically, we create new ways to interact with small devices, such as mobile phones and very large display devices, such as tables and walls."

Lumino (Design Boom, no author or date)
Smart 'Lego" blocks take touch screens into 3D   Colin Barras, New Scientist (10/6/09)
"Fat Fingers" can become dainty for touch Screens   Colin Barris, New Scientist (11/24/09)

Microsoft Surface and Objects (Features Lumino "Tangible Blocks" at the 1:02 marker)

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