Dec 5, 2009

Interactive Mobile Multimedia

A study in January of 2005 by Nokia indicated that there was a demand for interactive mobile multimedia services. That study was conducted about five years ago, before anyone had heard of the iPhone!   The technology to support interactive mobile multimedia has come a long way since then, and many of the new applications support multi-touch, or at least duo touch interactivity.

I'm very much interested in figuring out how to design web-based interactive content (and apps) that can be optimized for touch (and multi-touch/gesture) screens of various sizes, from SmartPhones/iPhones to the large interactive whiteboards that are now in a multitude of classrooms.

From my experience as a school psychologist, I know that there are many teens who have graduated from traditional cell phone to the next level.  If they don't have an iPhone, they have a smart phone.  I don't have the statistics on this, but my personal observations tell me that there are teens who come from families who are from lower economic status who are somehow able to own 3G smartphones.

What a great opportunity to provide casual interactive multimedia educational games to support student learning!  The games and activities could be assigned as homework from time to time, and with the appropriate LMS (Learning Management System), the teacher would have instant access to student progress.  In addition, the students would be provided with immediate feedback about their "work", which we know is an important factor in learning.

It is difficult to figure out the best path to forge, since nearly every week someone announces a new platform, technology, and programming approach!

At any rate, here are a few interesting things related to this topic that I'd like to share.  Many of these concepts are in the experimental phase, but are worth some attention.

SciLor's Open-Source Programs
SciLor's HD2/ Leo Multi-touch Demo v2 12/3/09 using VB.Net and Windows Mobile

SciLor's Comments: 
I have manged it to get Multitouch running in an app :)
There are still some bugs, which have to be resolved:
-Stop auto alignment!
-Identify the "Touches"

Google I/O 2009: Mastering the Android Media Framework

AT&T Interactive Mobile Website

Satellite-Terrestrial Network Delivering Mobile Video with Interactive Services - ICO mim

Adding Multi-Touch to Your Windows Mobile Application's User Interface
Wei-Meng Lee, 3/24/08
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Note: I just skimmed the following articles - when I have more time, I'll post more of my reflections related to this set of topics.

Daniel Stewart, Nitya Narasimhan,  Position Paper, CMPPC Workshop, Pervasive 2007
Interactive Mobile Multimedia Needs IP and Circuits
Brough Turner,  Internet Telephony, 9/09
Primetime for Mobile Television:  Extending the entertainment concept by bringing together the best of both worlds (pdf)  IBM Institute for Business Value
A Holistic Approach to Enhance Universal Usability in m-Learning
Vlado Glavinic, Sandi Ljubic, Mihael Kukec, 2008 The Second International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services and Technologies
Seamless Mobility: A Continuity of Experiences across Domains, Devices, and Networks (pdf) 2005
Raghu Rau, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Motorola

Ambient Networks:  Cooperative Mobile Networking for the Wireless World
Norbert Niebert, John Wiley and Sons LTD  4/07 
Mobility management challenges and issues in 4G heterogeneous networks (link to ACM pdf)
Sadia Hussain, Zara Hamid and Naveed S. Khattak, InterSense '06.  Proceedings of the first International Conference on Integrated Internet Ad hoc and Sensor Networks
Mobile Multimedia: Tune in to Digital Convergence (pdf)
DVB-Scene (a trade magazine) 3/2008
HP OpenCall Media Plafform: a cost-effective, agile IP media server (pdf)
Whitepaper, Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.  2/2009
A survey of wireless multimedia sensor networks (pdf)
Ian F. Akyildiz, Tommaso Melodia, Kaushik R. Chowdhury, 2006  Science Direct  Elsevier

Mobile Multimedia Companies/R&D
Stantum  (UMPC)
MobIME: Mobile Internet for Media and Entertainment

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