Dec 24, 2009

More tech news I missed while I was out holiday shopping!

While I was shopping:
Via Boy Genius, 12/23/09: Apple tablet definitely coming in 7" size?
Via Andrew Lyle, Neowin.Net 12/23/09: Apple to Demo 7" tablet in January?
Via Dan Frommer, The Business Insider, 12/23/09: Apple to Demo Tablet in January, Asks Developers to Get Apps Ready
"We assume tablets -- or at least multi-touch screen technology -- will eventually penetrate more Apple product lines, including portable Macs and maybe even desktop Macs."
Via Neil Hughes, Apple Insider, 12/23/09: Piper:  75% Chance of Apple Jan. Even, 50% likelihood of tablet
"Numerous reports this week have claimed that Apple is in talks with CBS and Disney in an attempt to offer a subscription plan for TV shows. Sources have said that both companies are currently considering an offer from Apple that would provide them $2 to $4 per month for a subscriber to a broadcast network like CBS or ABC, and $1 to $2 per month for subscribers to a basic cable network."
Via Neil Hughes, AppleInsider 12/9/09: Tablet rumors:  February production start, 10-inch LCD Screen

Packard-Bell's Viseo 200 Touch Edition Monitor


Packard-Bell's EasyNote Butterfly Touch Edition
The laptop has a screen size of 11.6 inches, and a 1366 x 768 screen resolution, running Windows 7 Home Premioum. Includes WiFi, microphone, VGA webcam, and has options for 3G, Bluetooth, a card reader, and HDMI i/o.
Via Electonista, 12/23/09: Lenovo netbooks surface with Pine Trail, multi-touch
Via Electronista, 12/23/09: 500,000 Nooks by March, New Orders due February
I was at Barnes & Noble yesterday and came across a touch-screen kiosk where customers could find out more about the Nook and put in their orders. There was a notice that said that the Nook would not be available until February.  It must have generated some interest, since I noticed people surfing the information on the kiosk during the time I was there.

The Nook

Via Electronista, 12/22/09: OLPC teases $75 tablet features, images: OLPC X0-3 may get camera, wireless power According to Electronista, the tablet uses a Pixel Qi display.
See my blog post for more information about the display: 
Mary Lou Jepsen, Inventor of Pixel Qi Technology, Discusses Screen Technologies & Multi-touch Tablets

Via Electronista, 12/10/09:  Dell Streak tablet due at CES? Dell Android tablet may debutSOMEWHAT RELATED
I was reading a review from Engadget about Lenovo's Pine Trail tablet, and found one of the comments amusing.  Manufacturers need to listen to the people, but often, they don't. Apparently the prototype had a glossy screen, which is something that might enhance the picture, but for some, has drawbacks.
Here is a comment by someone who calls himself "Old fogie late bloomer":

"God... listen, manufacturers... I don't want to see my hands reflected in my screen, I don't want to see my fat gut reflected in my screen, I don't want to see my (admittedly handsome) face reflected in the screen, I don't want to see the people behind me reflected in my screen; all I want to see is what the screen is displaying!  GO BACK TO MATTE!" 

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