Oct 11, 2009

Interactive Touch Screens Out and About: Touch Screen Party Planner for ASDA, by H Squared LTD

Found on YouTube:

The video below was produced by H Squared LTD, a creative retail design company based in the UK. It demonstrates how a single-touch application is used to help people plan their parties when they visit the ASDA store.

This company just uploaded a number of videos, which can be viewed on the H Squared LTD YouTube channel. It looks like this company has some experience with interactive television. I'm not sure if this company has ventured into multi-touch.

To learn more, I visited  the H Squared LTD website, and found that it works pretty nicely on my TouchSmart PC. You can turn the pages of Issue 1 of the magazine.  The music's fun, too, and it sounds as if someone put some thought into how it was mixed.

If you are contemplating what sort of outfit you'd like to wear to your next costume party, take a look at the styles  in the ASDA's photoshoot video.  The music? "Somebody's Watching Me".

A great beat, and you can dance to it.

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