Oct 9, 2009

IntuiLab's Interfaces: Multi-touch applications/solutions for presentation, collaboration, GIS, and commerce

This is a company I've been meaning to write about!   Here is the plug from the IntuiLab website:

"Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Toulouse, France, IntuiLab is a leader in the design and development of surface computing-based applications. Through IntuiFace, the company’s portable, scalable and extensible software surface computing platform, IntuiLab delivers and deploys applications that bring tangible returns on investment to its clients by providing their customers and users with a more natural, immersive and memorable interactive experience. IntuiLab is a Microsoft and Adobe partner and has clients in a wide variety of industries such as retail, food and health, banking, aerospace and defense, telecoms and hospitality."

"We are able to deliver such benefits to our customers thanks to a unique blend of skills (our multidisciplinary IntuiTeam), technology (the IntuiFace Surface Computing Software Platform), process (the IntuiSign design process) and a wide range of partners."

R.U.S.E. on Intuilab's Interface

IntuiLab lets you blow things up with your hands (Jimin Brelsford, CrunchGear 10/09/09)
 It is not all for fun and games:

Amazon Multi-touch Clinet on the IntuiFace Platform

"This video shows an example of how to access to an online retail catalogue (such as Amazon) from a Surface Computer rich client, and create, browse and merge lists of queried or selected items in a natural way." -Intuilabs

 Multi-user Web Browsing on a Windows 7-based 19" 3M Multi-touch

Pictures from the Intuilab website:
sc-presentationsc-collaborationsc-gissc-commerceBing Maps MultitouchSurface Computing-based Media management

If you take a look at Intuilab's "the team" page, you'll find that they look like...graduate students! They probably are, or were, given the size of list of published papers. This tells me that they must have their heart, mind, and souls poured into the business!

IntuiLab's Partners

I should brush up on my French and pay them a visit!

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