Oct 8, 2009

More Multi-Touch & Urban Screens: SoTouch, onedotzero, the Aurora Mindstorm table, and collaboration at the Adventures in Motion festival in London

SoTouch and onedotzero collaborated to create a multi-touch, multi-user application that ran on a Mindstorm Aurora table at the onedotzero Adventures in Motion Festival at the BFI Southbank in  London during in September 2009. The interactive application provided festival participants enjoyable ways to filter and search the festival program. The art director for this project was Alex Le Guillou.

(Music: Raindrops, by Basement Jaxx)

How it works

How does it work? 
According to information provided by So Touch, users can search by dragging and dropping keywords in personal search discs.  Physics rules incorporated into the SoTouch application allow the manipulated objects bump and react to each other, encouraging social interaction among the people at the table.  For this particular application, each even could be viewed in a description panel, including timing, description, pictures, and videos, enabled for multi-touch gesture interaction. Additionally, people could use the table to send emails to friends, using a scalable keyboard.

The application was designed for flexibility, using the TUIO protocol, and allowing it to be customized for use at other festivals or shows through xml.

So touch / onedtozero / Martin Senyszak by So touch.

About SoTouch "Intelligent Surfaces"
"We deliver complete solutions to turn passive environment into active business contributor in retail, show room and trade show, leveraging multi-touch and touch-less technology."

Julien Lescure, CEO, and Florian Bernard, CTO, founded SoTouch, an advanced digital agency,  in early 2009.  The company is based in the U.K.

About onedotzero
"Onedotzero  is a contemporary, digital arts organisation with a remit to promote innovation across all forms of moving image and motion arts, activities encompass public events, artist + content development, publishing projects, education, production, creative direction, and related consultancy services ... onedotzero was conceived at the start of the desktop digital revolution in the mid-1990s out of a desire to explore moving image across single screen, interactive and live audio-visual work. today, onedotzero remains committed to providing a home for visionary moving image experimentation and contemporary creative collisions."

Interactive Urban Screen

The interactive urban screen installation, also known as the 2009 onedotzero identity, was made interactive by a Nokia n900 mobile phone, as shown in the pictures and video clips below.
The 2009 Identity by I am Martin.


onedotzero interactive identity powered by Nokia N900 from onedotzero on Vimeo.

Nokia n900 onedotzero Installation- Behind the Scenes

Onedotzero - Watch the interaction with an urban screen with a Nokia n900 (Story behind the scenes story).

N900 to appear in London next week!
(JBC, Nokia Conversations, 9/4/009)
According to the article,  the application for the installation was developed by digital artists/computational designers Karsten Schmidt and Gary Birkett. (I think the ad agency Wieden + Kennedy London was also involved with this project, since Nokia is their client.)

More about Mindstorm   
Simon Cowell and X Factor judges us Mindstorm interactive touchscreen to decide who goes through. Paul Milligan, AVInteractive, 10/6/09

The four judges from ITV's X Factor show, Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole used a Mindstorm multi-touch interactive surface to help them whittle down the contestants at the bootcamp stage of the series.

Mindstorm Aurora Table

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