Oct 10, 2009

News from NUITEQ and 3M

Various multi-touch and natural-user interface/interaction companies have been collaborating, and results are promising. 

Here is the result of a collaboration between 3M and NUITEQ, the company based in Sweden:

3M Multi-Touch &; NUITEQ Suite Software Video

In this video, you'll see SnowFlake software used in a variety of contexts, such as education, architecture, health, financial consultation, product browsing, games, playing with special effects, and more.

What a difference since 2007, when I shared what I was doing in my graduate classes on this blog!


Marcin Ignac said...

Why 90% of these apps are just drag'n'resize / rotate with photos and basic 3d. Why there is no other interaction? Eg. I would like to click on a metro station on the map to see more details. Otherwise all that was already done few years ago and it's nothing new..

Lynn Marentette said...

I'm always looking for multi-touch and gesture applications that go beyond drag and drop and rotation. The games are pretty fun...

Have you taken a look at the Hard Rock Cafe's multi-touch Memorabilia Wall (Las Vegas)? There is a corresponding website that uses Deep Zoom and high resolution photographs. http://memorabilia.hardrock.com/