Oct 7, 2009

So how are people using their multi-touch all-in-ones? Medion X9613 will be relased soon in Germany, next, the US?

The Medion x9613 is a Windows 7, multi-touch all-in-one that has all of the features needed for playing games, working collaboratively with a colleague or classmate, watching HD video content, and more.

The following YouTube video is from Gizmodo, via Engadget.

According to Cali Lewis, of GeekBrief TV, this all-in-one will be available in the US. (Cali also previews other interesting gadgets and tech on the GeekBrief TV clip below.)

Medion X9613: A Multitouch PC that Longs to Be Your Home Theater
Mark Wilson, Gizmodo

I haven't set eyes on this one yet. If anyone has played with a Medion X9613 a bit, or even used it for work, please leave a comment! How do YOU use your "All-in-One?"

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