Oct 12, 2009

Jeremy Perez-Cruz: One Minute Video Presentation for the AIGA Make Think Design Conference

During the opening night community session at the recent AIGA Make/Think conference, twenty AIGA chapter leaders from around the country took the stage. Jeremy Perez-Cruz,of AIGA Orlando, was one of them. This was his 60 seconds:

Make Think from Tea&Letter on Vimeo.
Quote from Jeremy's Vimeo channel:
"My one minute video presentation for the AIGA design conference's 20/20. 20 designers in 20 minutes. October 8, 2009 Memphis, TN. Shot and edited with the patient assistance of deebstudios.com Music: "Joy" by Four Tet (Make Think remix by me)."
Jeremy's design:related page
Jeremy's AIGA Profile

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