Oct 14, 2009

Near Interaction Multi-touch Tables and Displays: London College of Fashion & More

Near Interaction is a company based in Lisbon, Portugal, and London, England. They are a team of interaction and media designers, focsuing on interactive physical and digital installations. Here is a sample of their work:

Information about the Fashion Graduate Exhibition 2009 from NearInteraction's Vimeo site:
"The London College of Fashion Graduate Exhibition 2009 displays six multi-touch tables with integrated object recognition to unveil the 570 student portfolios. From a wide choice displayed on the three walls, visitors can make a selection of their preferred cards. Activating once a card is placed on the tables, visitors can move, zoom and rotate by touching the surface of the table a variety of portfolio images representing the chosen student...London College of Fashion Graduate Exhibition 2009 was designed and produced by NearInteraction in association with Paul Albert and John Nussey."

London College of Fashion Graduate Exhibition 2009

NearInteraction at the London College of Fashion Graduate Exhibition 2009 from nearinteraction on Vimeo.

Tangible Multi-touch Connectivity

Tangible Multi-touch Connectivity from nearinteraction on Vimeo.

"As part of Future Labs - Visual Experiences of the Future at FPC, Tangible Multi-touch Connectivity explores the multi-touch gestural concepts of touch to activate, pinch to enlarge and scroll to select within a multi-user environment, combined with the interaction concepts of user-identity, networks, and behavioural lifespan through a metaphorical game."

NearInteraction Playtecture: Physical + Digital + Kids + Play

NearInteraction at Habitar Portugal | Playtecture from nearinteraction on Vimeo.

Interesting, evolving work!

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