Oct 6, 2009

I want to play with mice! Microsoft's Multiple Multi-touch Mice Preview

Hot off the press from Microsoft's Applied Sciences Group at UIST 2009!
Mouse 2.0: Multi-touch Meets the Mouse

"In this paper we present novel input devices that combine the standard capabilities of a computer mouse with multi-touch sensing. Our goal is to enrich traditional pointer-based desktop interactions with touch and gestures. To chart the design space, we present five different multi-touch mouse implementations. Each explores a different touch sensing strategy, which leads to differing form-factors and hence interactive possibilities. In addition to the detailed description of hardware and software implementa-tions of our prototypes, we discuss the relative strengths, limitations and affordances of these novel input devices as informed by the results of a preliminary user study."

The following video is courtesy of Microsoft's Applied Sciences Group:

Music:  "Motion Blur", by Bjorn Hartman. (Bjorn is an HCI researcher and electronic musician.)

The researchers on the team: 
Nicolas Villar, Shahram Izadi, Dan Rosenfeld, Hrvoje Benko, John Helmes, Jonathan Westhues, Steve Hodges, Eyal Ofek, Alex Butler, Xiang Cao and Billy Chen

Here is a video preview/demo of the multi-touch mice prototypes from Microsoft's Applied Sciences Group Lab, courtesy of CrunchGear:


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