Oct 9, 2009

WIRED's Overview of Touchscreen PC's and Interface Innovations (and some links for the tech-curious)

According to Priya Ganapati's recent article in WIRED,  only 3% of all PC's and notebooks have interactive touchscreens.  More are coming to market, such as Sony's Vaio L Touch HD PC,  Dell's all-in-one, and Lenovo's tablet PC and ThinkPad laptop.  HP came out with the TouchSmart PC and touch-enabled laptops, and will be adding updated versions soon.

This is a great opportunity for developers interested in touch, multi-touch, and gesture interaction applications.   I think there will be even more opportunity for web developers to create websites that are touch-enabled, or at least optimized for touch screen interaction.

Will the  multi-touch web might be right around the corner?    

At the moment, there is some confusion about what designers should consider when developing applications.  There is not standard system of touch or gesture interaction,  and researchers are still very busy figuring things out.   Some companies have rushed out and patented gestures,  which in my opinion, is like patenting how we breath. But that is another story.

If you are a designer or developer, you might be interested in the Touch First Microsoft Surface Developer Challenge.  It is a chance to win your very own Microsoft Surface!  Hurry, the deadline is October 12th.

If you want to learn more, read WIRED's Gadget Lab:  "Touchscreen PC's Prompt Interface Innovations" for a good overview of what's happening in the Touch PC world.

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