Oct 8, 2009

The Visual Autopsy Table : Interactive Health Science

Interactive Virtual Autopsy Table

The Virtual Autopsy Table from NorrköpingsVisualiseringscenter on Vimeo.

Virtual Autopsies from NorrköpingsVisualiseringscenter on Vimeo.

How it works: Information from a true case, from the Virtual Autopsy Table website.

"A living patient was treated for cerebral hemorrhaging. X-rays sent through the body during computed tomography grow weaker according to the density of the tissue through which they pass. By assigning density values with varying degrees of transparency and identifying colors, a sort of palette can be created by the computer to use in the imaging process. It becomes possible, for example, to remove clothing, skin or blood vessels. In this case the patient has been operated for a ruptured aneurysm in a small brain vessel. A metal clips has been added that can be seen in the image.


The Norrkopings Visualization Center
"The installation is financed within the framework of the Visualization program and developed by Norrköping Vi sualization Center in cooperation with CMIV (Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization)."

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