Oct 13, 2009

GEAR: Sony VAIO® L Touch HD PC/TV/DVR has a multi-touch screen by NextWindow, works with Windows 7

When I bought my HP TouchSmart PC last year, there were very few options. I don't really need a new computer, but I've been tempted, since Windows 7 allows for multi-touch interaction, and I have plenty of unfinished single-touch projects that would be great for multi-touch!

My HPTouchSmart has a touch-screen made by NextWindow.  It supports duo-touch, but not multi-touch. The new all-in-one from Sony sports multi-touch screen from NextWindow.

Sony's new VAIO® L Touch PC/TV/DVR all-in-one, from the SlashGear website:

 sony vaio l series multitouch desktop 4 540x348

"With the VAIO L Series’ multi-touch screen easy access to your PC, HDTV, DVR— your entire entertainment hub— is readily at your fingertips. Equipped with a 24-inch (diagonal) WUXGA (1920×1080) widescreen panel, the unit displays high-definition content in Full HD resolution.
Select models feature a Blu-ray Disc™ optical drive so you can enjoy high-definition movies. A rewritable BD drive for recording, storing and playing back personal content on high-capacity BD media is also available." 

An optional HDMI input is available, as well as up to a terabyte of storage.

You can pre-order the VAIO online at Sony Style.

News Release
Another Leading PC Maker Ships Desktop PC with NextWindow Touch Screens: Sony is the latest PC maker to choose Windows 7 certified NextWindow touch screens

(I'd love to have an assortment of new multi-touch all-in-one PC's and notebooks to test out. Loan me the gear, and I'll review it.)

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